First Impressions: Amagami SS and Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

Amagami SS

Summary: It’s another highschool dating show.

Alex: How many times can a male in high-school REALLY get all these girls? Amagami SS is pretty unique in the concept- it’s getting different arcs for each character. Meaning, unlike other shows, the male doesn’t have all the hot girls with big breasts chasing after him. But apart from that…there’s nothing much to say about the episode.The fact that it didn’t focus on comedy, and almost didn’t care for comedy could be what sets it apart from others in its genre…if it can’t, it’ll be stuck in the pit of high-school dating anime’s forever.

Mimi: And now for my super duper checklist of cliches! ^^

-Main lead is bland and average-looking

-Main lead has a cute sister who has to wake him up in the mornings, and apparently a bit tempered when he gets close to another girl

-Main lead has a window seat at school

-Main lead has an outgoing best friend who collects chick magazines

-Main lead accidentally bumps into the girl of interest at the library

-Main lead slips in the hallway and gets help from the girl of interest

-Main lead has a nose bleed

-Main lead gets emo from rejections

-Everyone is overly friendly and picture perfect! ^_^ I wish my schools were like this.

I already don’t like high school romance premises, and this was as boring as they usually come.  It has 24 whole episodes planned, so I wonder if this is going to go anywhere interesting.  At least it isn’t an exaggerated comedy or an over-the-top harem; that would be overkill! Though I have to say, the artwork is really nice and soft on the eyes. Might just check one more episode.  Possibly.  Maybe.

Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakama-tachi

Summary: Your everyday tsundere is part of a team that helps people.

Alex: And the prize for the biggest tsundere of Summer 2010 goes to Ookami-San. With a socially awkward lead who’s actually a pretty nice guy,a tsundere who’s completly typical, maid with big breasts,  sarcastic boss, and really annoying best friend, Ookami-San isn’t looking to hot.The narrator isn’t really amazing, either. Voiced by Satomi Aria, who you might know as Kuroko, from the Toaru series of anime, with the really grating voice and the horrible tone she does for humour. That said, I did manage to get a few laughs out of the resident witch, and her parody of the pumpkin car from Cinderalla.The case this time wasn’t really spectacular, either. A girl who’s idol wants to quit a club…is just a little lackluster. All in all, not an amazing start for Ookami-San.


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