First Impressions: Shukufuku no Campanella and Kuroshitsuji II

Shukufuku No Campanella

Summary: Our lead character is a plain person who has a lot of girls after him.

Alex: In modern anime, it’s not hard for your everyday lead to find a girlfriend. This show however, takes that to an extreme. The main character is obviously a very plain, nice person, with nothing special about him, and he has enough girls after him to make anyone jealous. There’s the rich, shy girl who’s too shy to confess to him, the mother who thinks that she’s sexy enough for him, the random passerby who fell for him at first site,the rival from nextdoor and her sister, and the weirdo from the sky who calls him Papa.Why, don’t all these girls spell typical harem anime? However, it’s worth noting that it’s a treat to look at. Some outstanding animation and backgrounds provide lovely eye-candy for the viewer. Sadly, Shukufuku No Campanella is your typical harem.  Nothing special, but nothing terrible, either.

Kuroshitsuji II

Summary: Our lead character’s butler is a demon.

Alex: Okay, wow. Is this really the same series?Almost EVERYTHING that was wrong with the previous series was sorted in this episode. It’s probably a little early to get ahead of myself, but just wow.Last series was too focused on making Ciel look like your everyday princess who needs rescuing, and Sebastian as this uber cool person.Our lead character is completely out there. It looks like he was a victim of child abuse when he was younger, which made him a bit of a pysco.The way he compared the egg for breakfast to a living thing and then destroyed it was an amazingly wow scene.The same applies for that scene with the maid.His butler is a little over-the-top, but also pretty crazy, especially with his actions.With some very dark undertones throughout the whole episode, Kuroshitsuji looks set to be one of the biggest surprises of the summer season.

Mimi: Kuroshitsuji II really IS a surprise already, Alex. The first season was a turn-off for me, so much so that I couldn’t quite make it past the first few episodes.  But what do you know, the second one actually starts out REALLY well.  It was a real attention-grabber with the action, such as when Claude (the new butler) pulled those trippy moves to set up the dining table, and when he encountered Sebastian towards the end.  In addition to that, the few crazy psychotic scenes involving the new young master were an “omg-I-CAN’T-believe-that-just-happened” thrill to watch.  The preview of the next episode seems to promise some action-packed adventure, so against all my expectations, I have my eye on Kuroshitsuji II this season.


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