Dropped:Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 2

Okay, so after watching Mitsudomoe, i’ve decided it actually will be too hard to blog. It’s a funny comedy, but there’s just not much to write about it. I’ll probably blog Ookami-San instead if it keeps going down the right track.

Shukufuku No Campanella Episode 2

Alex: Hm, such a change in direction. Now that the characters were introduced last episode, this is when it shows signs of a plot.Not a brilliant one, but still.

Okay, so basicly, because of the meteor shower, a large amount of Ero (Which we’d call Life Force) got realised into the world, especially when the meteor crashed into the clock tower. The girl we saw inside the meteor is an automata, who is basicly a living puppet kept alive by the Ero. She called our main character Papa because he was the first person she saw when she woke up, and que predictability, she’s ALREADY in love with him.And yeah, that leads to the first part of this anime having the main characters sitting down and everything is explained to them by the adults. Nice and boring.The second half was where it got interesting, and probably became the reason this is worth watching.Because the life force is getting stronger, it’s calling sprites of the long dead Dragon Race back to life (or something like that) and its up to our Oasis Guild Members to band together and save the world. When they find a nearby Dragon Spirit causing trouble, the lot of them go into action, Final Fantasy style. You’ve got your mage, your gunner, your swordsman, and your puppeteer all fighting off the evil dragon. When it was weakened, the guardian of the dragon spirits arrived and told the automata to use her magical powers to calm the dragon and drain the extra Ero out of it. Then they all go celebrate on a beach, go fanservice. I suppose it’s good that the mother got over her obsession with Leicester before it got really annoying, but the rest of the characters are treading that narrow line between barely funny and pretty annoying to watch.

I’ll keep watching, mainly because im such an RPG fan and seeing this anime pull of a proper RPG styled fight was such a treat for me to see. xP But again, with all its upcoming positives, if you dislike cute/moe girls in anime, it’s not worth watching this.


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