Dropped:Amagami SS Episode 3


Mimi: This time, Junichi and Haruka think it’s fun to act like pet animals: a dog and cat. Their first real romantic encounter–Junichi kissing the back of Haruka’s knee in a wellhouse. o_O He gets so worked up over this that he asks her the next day to do it again (many many times), and she seems to get just a tiny bit annoyed. Fetishes FTW? But in other events, Haruka’s really just worried about him hating her because she’s older than him in this relationship, and there’s the issue of dependency. Can she properly depend on him considering he’s a little younger? With a bit of encouragement and advise from Hibiki, Haruka glomps him the next day while meowing. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention the scene where Haruka immensely enjoys Junichi feeding her soup in front of everybody in the cafeteria. Uh, yeah, just mentioning it.

So we’re three episodes into this already, as I think Haruka’s arc should end soon, and there’s still no sign of getting any real background from her. She’s still that perfect, cute girl and nothing more. I suppose that I shouldn’t expect that kind of insight into the characters in this anime. Really, I’ve wanted to know why people enjoy watching this so much, and so far I’ve read that “the situations are unpredictable, awkward, and embarrassing” and “this is incredibly realistic.” Yeah, some of the scenes aren’t totally predictable, but the show is still overall cliched, straightforward, and relies on coincidences to get things started. Furthermore, it hasn’t done anything remarkable to make it stand apart from other high school romance stuff. Sure, it’s definitely slice-of-life, and we really do get in awkward situations from time to time, but everything feels too forced and unnatural in Amagami regarding the character’s actions and their conversations. They really aren’t all that believable. And Junichi is turning into a creep.


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