Dropped:Amagami SS Episode 4


Mimi: Rejoice everyone! Haruka’s arc is finally over. It’s Christmas Eve, and through coincidences and awkward communication, Haruka and Junichi spend this special day in a gorgeous hotel. They go swimming, confess their feelings later in a hotel room, and 10 years later down the road, they’re married happily ever after. I did think that somehow, they weren’t going to work out or something, but they did. And in just after two minutes of publishing this post, I will completely forget about it without a care in the world. I can’t say anything really positive about this arc except that I rate it average (5/10). That’s nice of me, right? ^^

So far, Junichi doesn’t strike me as an interesting male lead who can be respected. He’s just an overly-polite, cautious boy who will kiss the back of some girl’s knee when the girl of interest leads him on. He might have gotten courageous with the “I will never give up” attitude, but I can’t really feel anything towards him. Come to think of it, I don’t even know a lot about him, and it’s far worse for Haruka. So how exactly can I feel happy for them and laugh at the end? The conclusion to this arc suffered the most because the characters had a quick falling-in-love that lead right into a 10-years-later marriage scenario. Talk about being rushed and forced!

Anyway, Kaoru, you’re up next! ^^

**Edit: On second thought.. -drops- :3 YAY I’m free.


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