Dropped:Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 4

Shukufuku no Campanella Episode 4

Alex:Clan Oasis sets out on a quest for the puppeter’s number one fan, and somehow it times into a picnic-esque trip, with the girls being cute and that lot. They walk onwards until they reach their destination, the mines. When they find the enchanted path it means they get to play an insert song and every acts adorable and scrounges for valuable rocks…until they stumble across a meteor rock. Doing this causes an earthquake and everyone runs away dramaticly.

Then they get home and due to them being stupid Leicester and Agnes end up hiding naked in the public baths…yeah. On this subject, I don’t get how most of the talk about this anime is how hot Leicester is. I mean…eh? Thats one of the worst reasons to watch an anime.

All in all…another boring episode of Campanella.Wander if it’ll get any better as time goes on and the random stuff stops happening.


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