Review:Eve No Jikan

Time of Eve

Alex:In the future, probably Japan. Robots have long seen practical use, and shortly after, Androids came into common usage.

Eve No Jikan is one of the weirder shows to write about, because it acts like a series, but it remains an ONA, and as such, is shorter than a series, with 5 episodes of 17 minutes and 1 episode of 28 minutes. Short anime have a common issue, they can’t portray the right combination of character development, plot, and conflict.

Eve No Jikan, however, manages all three of those and a fair amount more, which is why its one of the better sci-fi anime around.

The animation is eye candy, to be simple. Its elegant, yet simple, and the character designs are all quirky enough to distinguish. There’s a fair amount of CG, which is utterly gorgeous when used alongside everything else.It also has its own fair share of unique camera angles and shots, and everything just “fits”. Being someone who’s fussy about animation quality, this show was completely fine. I can’t see anyone disliking the animation used in it.

Being an ONA, it has a limited soundtrack, but that doesn’t stop it from being impressive.Insert songs fit nicely, as does the finale’s ending song.Sound effects are top notch, and the voice actors are varied and talented in their roles.

The story is about a cafe which treats humans and robots as equals.Its thought provoking, and every episode you spend studying one the people  at the cafe.Be it the couple in love, or the robot who’s long abandoned by the side of the road, the stories are all thought provoking, and pull at the heartstrings when needed.

If your like me, and your fed up and bored with some of the modern trends, aka  harem/shounen/shoujo/mecha animes, Eve no Jikan is like a breath of fresh air and its completely unmissable.


Mimi’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)



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