Review: Clannad ~After Story~

Clannad ~After Story~

If the people and the city are turned into magic, they can achieve a miracle…

Alex:I always wanted to review a Key anime. And when I rewatched Clannad After, it gave me the perfect chance.

With Clannad After, I read something about it somewhere. And i’ll quote that here.I cried…I laughed…I experienced something that changed my life.That’s my experience with this anime, and many other peoples opinions.

Clannad was originally your typical Key anime; sad girl, loads of  other girls and a bit of drama. Clannad After is where it takes that to its furthest extreme. It gives you the “happily ever after” to the story.And this really was a “forever and ever after” style of ending. Rarely does an ending to an anime make you feel so complete as Clannad After did to the whole package.

It’s an anime by Key, so it goes without saying that the musical score is above average, and it suits the moods and the themes of the anime. It has one outstanding piece, “By the Palms of this Tiny Hand”, an insert song which comes into play late in the anime, but the ending song, “TORCH”, is a happy and upbeat disco piece, which doesn’t fit at all and feels like its a waste of a place a perfectly good song could have been used.

Clannad After spends its first half focusing on arcs of all the surrounding and side characters, developing the city which Nagisa, our leading female, loves. And damn it, each of the individual arcs touches you in its own place. The stranger who wants to grant a wish, or the sister who just wants their brother to grow up right…the cast ends up being completely top notch.Even Akio turns out to be bearable, when you learn the reasoning behind his over-the-topness and easygoing attitude.

Not many anime touch the subject of growing up and maturing and manage to do it as well as this one does. You see Tomoya grow past the rebellious teenager that he was in the first series, and turn into a fine young adult. And it doesn’t just do this to Tomoya, he runs into all his friends from the first series, and the magic of maturity worked on them as well.

Its second half tends to focus more on how important family is, and lets the side characters become side characters.There are so many moments which break your heart, make your soul shake and make you want to burst out crying during the second half. It doesn’t feel cliché, either, which tends to be pretty rare for Key anime.

Everything the series has done, including the mysterious “other world” which Kotomi’s parents studied, fits into the storyline and doesn’t leave anything left unsolved. There are characters who’ll touch your heart, the story will reach into your soul, and the anime will change your life.




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