Review:Kuroshitsuji II

Kuroshitsuji II

Mimi: Little over two months ago when Alex and I wrote our first impression of Kuroshitsuji II, we thought, “Hey, this is the surprise of the season! It’s going to be way better than its prequel!” After all, it introduced a new master and butler, called Alois and Claude respectively, who appeared to be darker and crazier than Ciel and Sebastian could ever be. And to our satisfaction, this series really knew how to deliver the entertainment.

There were some apprehensions at the beginning though. After such a promising first episode, the follow-up was a silly Ciel & Sebastian side adventure. This nonsense continued on to episode 4, and it felt like a drag to go forward. Fortunately at episode 5, the series shifted back to the new characters, and each new episode proved to be far better than the previous one. Not even the action was mindless forever, for an imaginative plot could also be attributed to the enjoyment of the show. All of the characters had a purpose and a motive, which were properly backed up by the details of their pasts. It is no small feat for a series of this length to improve and deliver so much in the last eight episodes.

At its core, Kuro is a creative series meant to be fun; the action is generally over-the-top ridiculous and humorous. But what makes this series the most gripping are its dark themes, such as: child abuse, character betrayals, brainwashing, and other twists. No wonder the characters are always on the verge of having mental breakdowns. Even Sebastian goes into extreme serious mode here (contrary to his usual smiling self). Kuro also manages to pull off some pretty crazy, unpredictable stunts, and we admire the series for its boldness. I daresay that it will be hard to enjoy something more than this in a while, at least in the entertainment department.

Mimi’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)

Alex’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)


5 thoughts on “Review:Kuroshitsuji II

    • People seem to believe that there is a strong possibility by basing their prediction on the very last line in episode 12 “I look forward to the day when we may meet again.” At the very least, there will be some OVAs released with season 2 DVDs~ :3

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