Movie: Bungaku Shoujo

Literature Girl

Alex:Bungaku Shoujo is about a girl who eats books for a snack. Yes, really. However, this movie doesn’t focus on that girl, and insted, goes down the route of the girl’s favorite writer. At heart, this is a romance film, despite the traces of drama which appears in the first part.

Our main character in the film is the young writer who hit instant fame by winning a contest at 14,  called Innou Konoha , who wrote a book for his best friend,Asakura, Miu.Without realising it, the act of writing the book for her drove her mad, close to insanity.The rest of the cast consists of the Literature Girl herself, Amano Touko, and a pair of Konoha’s friends who are just minor side characters. The story begins two years after she jumped off the school roof. This  takes you on a trip through the two lovers minds and hearts, just like the book they focus on, Miyazawa Kenji’s “Night on the Galactic Railroad”

Unlike the OVA which previously aired, calling itself the prequel, this movie was actually pretty engaging to watch.It’s just a bit of a shame that the spark in the movie didn’t carry over into the OVA, and that the OVA finished airing before the movie, as getting to know the characters a little more is slightly more important than this movie gives the notion credit for.I’m not a romanticist, yet I found that this story was beautiful and  lovingly crafted, just like a classic piece of literature.

Bungaku Shoujo isn’t one of the best romances around, but it’s a damn good one.




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