Highschool of the Dead

Alex:It’s just my opinion, but the series with the best first episode by far was High School of the Dead (HOTD). Blood pumping, hardcore action. As the series went on, it’s not that the appeal faded, it’s that well, waiting a week for the next part of it took away a large amount of the tension.I’ll imagine that if I sat and marathoned all 12 episodes of this inside of watched them weekly, my view would be very, very different.

Zombie flicks dominate the western culture’s horror scene.It was inevitable that by now, Japan would churn one out.Just with layers of it’s own culture(fanservice). Because of this, you could describe HOTD as a show where you have a bunch of walking boobs, and a pair of males to enjoy and protect the boobs. But despite that, there are some very awesome moments scattered through the 12 episodes.Unlike a lot of series, this show knows what it is, too.

It’s hard to write a review for a series which didn’t really end and which will obviously have a second season, so i’ll just leave it at what I’ve already put. If you want some blood pumping action, then watch this. If you’re after any form or structure of a plot, look elsewhere. I really thought long and hard about this, and 4 hours after I wrote the review, I think I settled on my score for the show. If you go into it expecting zombie bashing and fanservice, you’ll be really surprised and enjoy the anime. For that reason, I give it:

Mimi’s Score: 7 Meeps out of 10 (Good)


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