Review: Mitsudomoe


Alex: Mitsudomoe is often called a fanservice show because of it’s style of humor; it loves using toilet humor. In fact, all 13 episodes are full of segments with their own styles of toilet humor. The problem is, by episode 9, they’ve run all the jokes dry and they’re mostly repeating jokes they’ve used already. Whilst it works for a while, after twenty misunderstandings about the same subject, it doesn’t amuse anymore.

It’s so hard to write about comedy, it really is, since everyone’s comedy preferences are different. It’s unique here in the fact that it’s not selective about humour, because well, when you were 11, the world was about boobs and super heroes and full of tasteless jokes.This makes it surprisingly funny, once you accept that you’re not getting a blockbuster filled with action and a tense plot. Or well…any kind of plot. This is Minami-Ke on steroids.

The only problem this series has is the earlier mentioned problem that there isn’t enough material to cover 13 episodes. It ran dry and struggled to pick itself up again, and didn’t do so until the final episode.It doesn’t sound like much, but in a 13 episode series, having two episodes of complete junk and overused jokes is actually really painful. With the announced second season, well…I’m not going to hold my breath.

Alex’s Score: 7 Meeps out of 10 (Good)


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