Dropped:Bakuman Episode 2

“Dumb and Smart”

Mimi: Rather quickly, Mashiro tells his family that he wishes to become a manga artist, and they agree to it. Well, his mother isn’t entirely agreeable because of what happened to his uncle, but she’s tolerant enough. He is given the keys to his uncle’s studio from his grandfather, as he will be able to use it later for creating manga. He lets Takagi in on it, and they both excitedly head over to the studio.

I guess that the development between Mashiro and Azuki will be a strong point in this series. I do find their little love story charming, for they’re both likeable characters so far. But hopefully every episode won’t just show Mashiro flustered over her in class or something. I’m more interested in the manga aspect anyhow.

As for Mashiro and Takagi, I definitely enjoy watching them as a pair. They turn out to think alike despite their differences in personality. I can’t wait to see them finally go down the hard road to becoming manga artists.


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