Dropped:Star Driver Episode 2

“The Challenge of the Holy Order of Glittering Stars”

Mimi: So The Glittering Crux Brigade declares war against The Galactic Pretty Boy. Why? Because cybodies only move in zero space, and they want to use them in real time, and they eventually need to break the seal of the maiden, but the Galactic Pretty Boy is an obstacle to their plans. Dun dun duuuun. Uhhh, I think.

Well, that’s a pretty neat concept and I’m liking it, though this episode is quite like the last one. They take the maiden girl, and an enemy fights the pretty boy in that odd dimension, and the pretty boy wins. Then it’s all over and the girl is starving.

The character sex appeal is getting stronger—we see more of them dressed in the sexiest costumes, and there’s a lot of kissing (with strange powers attached) going around. I can’t say that I’m into all of that, but the show is still overall entertaining and bursting with eye-candy as ever. I’m curious to know how the rich kid will get involved with everything—he just seems like a spectator at the moment. What are his abilities? And how can these guys take a strong offensive side against the enemy?


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