Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 2

Part A: “Flag 2.0 Demon of a Sister”

Part B: “Flag 2.5 Baby, You’re a Rich Girl”

Mimi: Elucia establishes herself as Keima’s sister at his school, and she gets a lot of fascinated attention. From there, she follows Keima home expecting to be able to live with him, but he refuses her because she doesn’t meet the requirements of being ‘the little sister.’ Such requirements include being related by blood, having memories, and being well-behaved. Upon arriving close to home, Elucia meets Keima’s mother, and she claims to be her husband’s illegitimate daughter. The poor guy gets a startling phone call…  After that, Elucia just tries to do good things around the house only to screw up, but she wins the title of ‘little sister’ eventually.

In the last half, Keima has a new girl to win the heart of, and it’s getting tougher than ever. Her name is Mio, and she’s rich, but she doesn’t express much emotion or interest in others. Keima rehearses his love confessions with Elucia which doesn’t exactly work out, and he confronts Mio shortly afterwards. All he says is, “I’m in love with you. Will you go out with me?” And…well…he gets hurt by her attendant. Sometime later, he and Elucia walk off to find her home, but it turns out that she’s been living in a run-down apartment. Guess it’s time to learn some dark secrets.

Just so you know, comedy really isn’t my thing. I watched this entire episode with a straight face no less. So why am I really watching this? Well, the awesome OP has a lot to do with it, but other than that, I quite like the male lead so far. He‘s serious and very particular about details, and he doesn’t suffer from nosebleeds or extreme perversion like all other male leads do. And I’m surprised that the fanservice is so low. I mean, other than that bath scene, it’s been pretty toned down….no giant boobs or panty shots from underneath skirts. So I feel that I can enjoy the show decently enough for these reasons.

At any rate, Keima really has to work on how he gets along with girls in real life. How is he going to break through Mio’s armor? I can’t see her just falling in love with the guy, but we’ll see how it goes next week~


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