Dropped:Shinrei Tantei Yakumo Episode 2

The Curse Of The White Fox

Alex:After it’s solid (what I considered to be solid) opening episode, does Yakumo remain interesting to watch? It’s first episode was immensely interesting, and that’s the main reason I was so taken by it. What’s claiming to be a mystery series actually isn’t a mystery series, and is more of an estranged thriller than anything.

The second episode has our bishie of a detective become more of a psychic medium than anything else, which was a pretty drastic change to the first episode’s pacing. Whilst this appeals to a large audience with how quickly it changes genres, I really see this being popular with the ladies.He’s well…such a bishie. The kind of character thats REALLY popular with a female audience and has so much fanart he provokes a fangirl scream all the time.

I wasn’t AS interested in this episode as I was last time, simply because the “case” wasn’t overly interesting.Yakumo was an amazing detective as usual, but…eh.The story of two males and a woman in their past isn’t the best of ideas they could use when they’ve got a psychic detective, for heavens sake.


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