Dropped:Toaru Majutsu No Index II Episode 2

Book of Law

Alex: Definitely an interesting episode…The “Liber Al Vel Legis” is a book about magic that can’t be deciphered by anyone in the world, including Index.And apparantly, a religious group have stolen the book for evildoings. Steryl has been ordered by the arch-bishop to find Index and stop these people…or something. It was very much a plot episode, and at that, it was actually kinda confusing. But to be simple,  Touma and Index get surrounded by priestesses from the church looking to recapture the magical book and they need Index’s help to find it….or something.

For people who havn’t read the light novels, this was well…very confusing. It is hinting at  a large scaled battle when they catch up with the people who stole the book though, so that should be interesting. For now…i’ll go and rewatch this and see if I can pick anything else up @_@


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