Dropped:Bakuman Episode 3

“Parents and Children”

Mimi: Mashiro and Takagi explore around in his uncle’s studio; there’s loads of manga, manuscripts, and…letters he received from the girl he loved. They pry into the letters and find out that she had gotten married, then they find her picture in an old album. Guess what? She looks just like Azuki, so they decide to confirm if her mother is the woman who exchanged those letters with his uncle. And indeed she is! They visit her when Azuki is not there, and they learn more about the relationship that they had. By this point, Mashiro doesn’t think that his uncle committed suicide anymore, and he confesses this to his father. Now, Mashiro and Takagi feel more pumped up than ever to get started on their manga career.

Decent build-up episode. I hope that the next one shows them really getting started, as far as drafting the artwork, story, and so forth. And as a side note, I read an interesting article on Hey Answerman about how Bakuman is far from a realistic portrayal of the manga creating process. I guess that I will have to take this a bit less seriously, but I’m still interested to see how Mashiro and Takagi will make it.


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