Dropped:Star Driver Episode 3

“Adult Bank”

Mimi: The married girl who likes to “kiss through the glass” chooses the next opponent for the Galactic Pretty Boy. And we get to know a bit more..uh..about her. She’s married to a 65-year old rich man who’s the head of the Gran Tonnerre Foundation, and she lives on a gigantic ship. She offers Takuto a part-time job there to clean the pool area (mind her pet alligator), and pretty much everyone decides to tag along for the fun. Later on, Takuto and one of her servants have a fencing match, and it’s not a very impressive one on Takuto’s part. Her servant didn’t even give it his all because he thought Takuto wasn’t worth it. They fight each other again when Takuto becomes the Galactic Pretty Boy, and everyone’s surprised that he is actually a duel wielder. He kicks some serious butt with those two swords. x3

Contrary to how I first felt, I’m starting to like this formula in each episode. It’s not boring at all, considering how varied and colorful each fight is. I just hope to see Takuto do something more interesting with his school life. Well, this episode did break away from his usual routine, so I hope they keep that up. Looking forward to the next fight~


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