Dropped:Star Driver Episode 4

“Wako’s Singing Voice”

Mimi: There’s no flashy action in this episode, but the concept around the cybodies is getting more interesting! Basically, the Glittering Crux Brigade use a cybody to throw Takuto and Wako into zero space, but the space takes on the appearance of their memories and desires. It looks just like the island that they live on except that there are no other people around, and a totem pole that only exists in Wako’s memories is suddenly back on the beach. At first they don’t realize that they’re in zero space, and they talk casually about themselves. Wako even sings her own song for him. Most of the episode is quiet in this way, but it really works great at giving their relationship more development.

Eventually, they realize that the island isn’t real, and an enemy cybody appears. The person controlling the cybody is just an innocent female student being manipulated by the Glittering Crux Brigade. Takuto has had some difficulty in summoning his cybody because it was ‘hidden’, but he manages to find it and prepares to fight. However, the girl can’t fight in her cybody and just disappears before anything happens. Takuto and Wako simply return to the real world and go about their normal school lives once more…though I think Sugata catches on that they’re a bit closer.

It’s neat to see the cybodies being used for something other than fighting in. I wonder what else they’re capable of. And it’s interesting to note how this episode deviated away from the usual formula. I don’t mind the formula, but this episode shows that Star Driver won’t be so linear all the time. =)


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