Dropped:Bakuman Episode 4

“Time and Keys”

Mimi: Alright, time to get into the technical details! And boy do I love this (to my surprise). This episode briefly touches up on the use of different ink pens and their effects on paper, screen tones, editors, assistants, etc. As Mashiro finally begins to draw, he realizes that there are so many things to consider already. For now, he’s trying to master drawing with G-pens, which are harder to control and easily get caught up on the paper. His uncle used a kabura pen because it was easier, but pros typically use G-pens that allow their artwork to have more “flavor and atmosphere.” So Mashiro stays up all night drawing, becomes extremely sleepy the next day during midterms, and shows Takagi his hard work after school. His artwork is fairly impressive to Takagi (detailed background art and people drawings), but they still need a bit of work.

As if the two kids aren’t inspired enough, they find out that a 15-year old kid named Niizuma Eiji recently became the semi-finalist prize winner for the Tezuka (manga) award. Hey, if he can do it, then they can do better! Heh, after witnessing how Niizuma acts like a crazy animal over the phone and only gets praised for his artwork, I think I have full confidence in our main leads to surpass him (especially in content). ^_^! Later on, Mashiro tells his partner a little story about a really good editor, and they decide that they’ll show him their first manuscript. Oh wait, they need just a little boost! -insert last minute clip of the oh-so-beautiful Azuki passing Mashiro on the street- Ok, now they’re ready. :3

I love how this series is also showing what other kids are up to besides them. There’s one particular classmate who draws character’s faces well and brags about his ‘skills’, but one girl asks why they always look the same and gaze in the same forward direction. Personally, I used to do a fair amount of drawing myself, and they always looked like that. I could never draw the head sideways or at any other angle. -sigh- xD


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