Dropped:Bakuman Episode 5

“Summer and Name”

Summary: Mashiro and Takagi spend their entire summer at the studio to finish their first manuscript!

Mimi: Wow, these guys sure can cooperate…perhaps a bit too well. They never critique each other or bump heads on anything. They just work equally hard and give each other the thumbs up. Takagi still deeply admires Mashiro for his artwork, and now Mashiro is falling in love with his stories. The only problem lies within themselves, as they feel a bit inferior to each other (ex: my art sucks, but his story is great). Nevertheless, they maintain their enthusiasm, and now they’re ready to show off their first manuscript.

I’m surprised that they managed to do all this in one episode. That’s awesome. But there are some things that feel a bit odd, such as how they decide not to comment on each other’s work anymore. They ought to be as communicative as possible and critique each other. I mean, wouldn’t they care? If I were Takagi, I’d have some kind of preference over the character designs or something, and if I were Mashiro, I’d want to add ideas to the story. Perhaps they will get more involved with each other’s work over time after they stop feeling so awestruck, as well as having disagreements. I’m not trying to be that picky or anything; it’s still only the beginning, and I’m enjoying this a lot. I can’t wait to see what kind of feedback they’ll get.


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