Dropped:Star Driver Episode 5

“The Meaning of Mandrake”

Summary: Galactic Pretty Boy fanservice!

Mimi: I apologize for my late posts this week, for I’ve had to delay watching everything due to having so much homework. Now I’ll be playing catch-up and updating my monthly summary~ ^.^!

So…this episode..is about male fanservice. The school nurse goes crazy over youngins; she has posters of hot guys up in her office, as well as a secret little album of cute students. Out of her own interests, she takes a potion that makes her younger and attracts most guys to her. Every time she does this however, there is a strange earthquake, and she has the tendency to disappear. Takuto figures her out very easily, and she becomes the next opponent.

The most amusing part is when they actually face off. The girl has a special mode in her cybody that enables her to move faster than Takuto, so Takuto appears to move in slow motion.. And her second special mode displays Takuto naked on her screen. So just imagine a naked Takuto moving around in slow motion.. Yep, she’s done for, defeated by her own fangirl obsession. But hey, at least she gets that poor student at the end!

I really like it when Takuto’s opponents get more characterization, and I mean the ones who actually fight him. Before this episode, his opponents were typically random students picked off by members of the Crux Brigade who received little attention. So I hope that they keep this up, though we certainly don’t need any more sexed-up female characters who just attract guys around the school (we’ve had 3 so far?).


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