Dropped:The World God Only Knows Episode 5

FLAG 5.0 Idol Bomb

Summary: The next loose spirit turns up.

Alex: This week, Elise gets entranced with a new and upcoming idol, a popular singer under the name of Kanon.And of course, it goes without saying that the loose soul of this week will belong to her.And ofcourse, it just so happens that the most popular idol currently in Japan goes to the same school and the same class as both Katsuragi and Elise.Such a coincidence, huh? As you’d expect though, Katsuragi couldn’t care less about her since she’s a real idol, and she’s obviously just a drug taking booze drinking love making teenage girl who’s a disgrace to the name of a female. Or…not. Turn’s out she’s actually a sweet little girl who just wants everyone to acknowledge her as an idol, so when she just happens to bump into Katsuragi at a secret spot where nobody else goes on the school roof, when he doesn’t accept her she declares war on him.

This brings about a strange sequence of events, where Kanon sings and Katsuragi ignores her, deep in the belief that when a women chases after a man it’s some devious trap, especially when an idol has set it, and just makes the whole thing that little bit more unbelievable and strange.

What I feel is one of the points this episode in particular didn’t get across was what a game where you make heroins fall in love with you is really about. It’s not about these strange encounters or popular idols turning up in your classroom as a student, it’s about regular girls who have a dream and want to make it true. I’d accept this arc much more if it turned out that Kanon wanted to become a famous idol, but the idea that a famous idol goes to a regular school just isn’t what a dating sim is about.


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