Dropped:Star Driver Episode 6

“Pillar of the King”

Summary: Sugata becomes insanely awesome.

Mimi: Hey, an episode all about Sugata! I’m glad that we get to see his power this early in the series. I thought he’d be a mystery forever.

The first half of this episode is rather quiet, featuring Takuto and Wako who spend their time talking about Sugata. It is actually his birthday, but he doesn’t celebrate it anymore because he learned about cybodies and his fate on this very day a few years ago. Wako explains that he actually possesses the most powerful cybody called “King Cybody,” but lately it cannot move, and whoever pilots it falls into a coma.

In the meantime, a girl from has been spying on them, and she eventually releases something called a “mermaidoll,” a small cybody that can move in real time I guess. It attacks Takuto and Wako and goes out of control, and I was surprised to see Takuto using his special attacks without his cybody…he isn’t doing half bad against the mermaidoll until it goes berserk and creates hundreds of clones. Sugata ultimately has to step in and apprivoise; the first phase is so powerful that it wipes out all of the mermaidolls. However, he falls into a coma right afterward, and Wako is worried sick. I hope he doesn’t plan on sleeping for too many episodes! This is really starting to quite good now.


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