Review: Toaru Kagaku no Railgun

A Certain Scientific Railgun

Alex: There’s actually a story behind this review, believe it or not. I was talking to someone about the whole Railgun V.S Index thing earlier, and I realised that I don’t actually have anything to make my stance on this show clear. Then again, it wouldn’t take a genuis to notice from my short-lived Index blogging that I much prefer Railgun to Index. This review is basicly meant to make my view on why Railgun is better than Index clear so I can refer to it in future =p

Railgun has currently had 1 season of 24 episodes, 6 specials and a 30 minute OVA. It’s also got a PSP game in the works, a popular manga franchise and was some of the best selling Blu-Ray DVD’s around the time of the release. This obviously sparked a lot of tension from Index fanboys, but I can say that…well…I love the fact that Railgun got this attention.The thing that stands out about Railgun is that there’s never been any series quite like it. By that I mean, it takes the basic principles of a slice-of-life series and injects them into an interesting sci-fi setting with a faint trace of plot that goes through the whole 25 episodes. Yes, this does mean that Railgun only actually got the Level-Upper arc fully animated to its conclusion, but i’m going to bet anything that J.C Staff will through a second season of this out there. But enough about the franchise itself.

Most people are put off by a “certain loveable teleporter”, Shirai Kuruko, voiced by Satomi Aria. Granted, Kuruko may have a voice that’ll scare off the vast majority of “die-hard” anime fans, but if you don’t watch Railgun because of that single reason, you’re actually much more shallow than you’d like to think. You see the tags “tsundere, lesbian, useless moe girl” carelessly slapped under the characters, and you don’t spend any longer thinking about the show.It’s hard to convey, but Misaka is MORE than an average tsundere, Kuruko is MORE than a lesbian girl who’s obsessed with Misaka. Index is about Touma using his godly powers to stop magical evil from happening and that lot…Railgun is about Misaka and her friends daily goings-on in Academy City. I’m almost ashamed to admit that Mimi is actually one of the people i’m talking about here, who read some peoples thoughts on the series and never gave it a second chance.

This WILL piss people off, but after watching the science-side to the ToAru universe, I can’t stand going back to the whole magic side of it. I honestly don’t care much for the magic side anymore. Touma  come across as amazingly annoying to me as he did with quite a few people, and although I  loved the priceless comedy associated with his misfortune, it’s not enough to keep it afloat. There are all these people who say Index is only getting started and so forth, but Railgun’s only getting started too.

If you’re a fan of slice-of-life, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, or people with super-powers, Railgun’s actually worth a try.Believe me, by episode 10 you’ll be laughing at Kuruko instead of hating her voice and wishing Misaka wasn’t so tsundere.

Wow, I went off on a rant. >.>

Alex’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Dusk’s Score: 8.5 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)


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