Dropped:Toaru Majutsu no Index II Episode 6


Summary:Misaka Mikoto takes over Index’s show

Alex: Thank god that horrible arc is over…I couldn’t think of any good things to say about it >.>

Academy City is meant to be perfect. I remember somebody from Railgun saying how they always got the weather perfect and never made any mistakes, right down to the split second. So how come it’s not working now? It’s all tied to the Tree Diagram…or something.

The episode might aswell have come from Railgun, it was chock-full of the characters. And that’s much, much better than Touma and his bishie friends in my view of everything.

It all seemed to be some form of a plot about Tree Diagram and those clones they had to reach a Level 6 Esper…otherwise known as LAST ORDER. And it’s somethng Misaka’s directly in the middle of, without even Kuroko knowing.

Index always had the better stories, so when Railgun meets Index, in a Raildex episode, it was damn near perfect.This episode confirmed my feeling from the very start of this series- the science side of things is MUCH more interesting than the magic side of things-Dark, full of secrets and conspiracy plans where the main character doesn’t have a godmode power which can defeat everyone? Yes please. :3

Next episode should have Accelerator and LAST ORDER in it…along with some more kickass esper fights~:3


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