Dropped:Bakuman Episode 7

“Tears and Tears”

Summary: Mashirou and Azuki exchange notes in class.

Mimi: Ehhhh, this episode wasn’t for me. As I said before, I’m not really into the relationship between Mashirou and Azuki, and this could barely keep my attention. Now that they sit right next to each other in class (with their desks touching), Mashirou has gotten into the habit of writing messages to her in his notebook. (What’s your favorite color? Food? Season?) Eventually, he obtains her email so that they can keep in contact. I don’t get the point of this and why they won’t actually talk to each other. But I’m not going to harp on this. It’s kinda cute considering they’re middle school kids. I’ll only have a problem if they actually get a fairytale ending (ex: They marry deeply in love after reaching their goals, despite distancing themselves physically and only writing text messages for years).

Now on to the parts I did like. For one thing, Takagi receives a call from their editor, explaining that their manuscript didn’t make it to the finals. But not to fear, they’re more motivated than ever to make a better manga. Mashirou suddenly wants to go for the Tezuka award which shocks Takagi, and all to make Azuki smile, but he eventually gives in. Unfortunately, Nizuma (the young, crazy prodigy) is getting on a lot faster, and he’s moving to Tokyo under a special condition, which is to give him the authority to end one series that he doesn’t like. Oh dear… o.o  I can’t wait till Mashirou has some kind of encounter with this guy.

Update: Well, I’m going to drop Bakuman from the blog. I basically need more time for schoolwork that’s usually due on Monday; it’s nothing personal against the series. I’ll still follow it at my own pace. I’m also handing over Star Driver to Alex~


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