Dropped:Star Driver Episode 7

“Distant World”

Summary: Sugata awakens!

Mimi: Great follow-up episode. Takuto is beginning to doubt the strength of his friendship with Wako and Sugata, but a drama club member encourages him that they really are a trio, and that he brings a smile to everyone’s face. In the meantime, Wako is praying like crazy for Sugata to wake up again, and she certainly gets her wish soon. Takuto ends up fighting against the girl who created the mermaidolls in the last episode, and miraculously, Sugata awakens in zero space.

I think that the Glittering Crux Brigade is actually the happiest party over Sugata’s return. It appears that he has lost his will, and he looks completely mindless, so they make a quick move to manipulate him. Benio gives him one of her charming kisses, so her power is probably working inside of him now ever so slowly. Takuto still has to slap Sugata to make him come out of his trance, and he’s relieved that he’s physically unharmed, but Sugata just isn’t the same now. He’s unfriendly and annoyed, and I would think that Takuto and the others would be able to catch on quickly. But what can they do for now? Just go after Benio?

Well, this is a nice little plot-twist. I like how everything has been built up to get to this point. It will be interesting to see Takuto and the Glittering Crux Brigade engage in a tug-of-war game with Sugata. I feel so sorry for Wako though. She’s going to have a pretty tough time with Sugata’s new personality here..if he’s even going to stick around them.

Anyway…like Bakuman, I just don’t have time to blog this on a Sunday, and it’s pretty overblogged anyway.


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