Review: Nurarihyon no Mago

Nurarihyon no Mago Review

Mimi: I stopped blogging Nurarihyon no Mago at episode 20 due to my lack of interest in the series, but it really started to get annoying at episode 18. This isn’t a bad show, but it really is your generic shounen at best. The first season is all about build-up. You simply learn about the characters as they interact and fight against weak, stereotypical villains. During this time, Rikuo gets his first experience as the third heir of the Nura clan. He comes to accept his responsibility, earns the trust of fellow youkai, and protects his human friends. There’s not much more to this, honestly. I assume that the real heart of the story is saved for season 2.

First, on to the things I did like. The main lead, Rikuo, is a very likeable character. He is reserved, sensible, and kind, and his youkai side is just plain cool. He is fun to watch when he interacts with other youkai, such as when he tries to control his group and bumps heads with a few of his own guys. Even though his clan urged him to become leader, there were still a few who judged him and didn’t think he was ready; Rikuo had to prove that he was. As a kid who once hated youkai and didn’t want to be involved in the clan’s affairs, he really had to go through drastic character development to become such a strong-willed, responsible leader by the end. That is what this season was meant to achieve, and it did that well. I also took a liking to his close youkai buddies; they have creative character designs and abilities.

But unfortunately, everything else about this show was pretty average. It became tiring to watch Rikuo’s human friends all of the time. They were repetitive and annoying; all they wanted to do was explore haunted buildings in search for youkai, and the result was the same every time. Their comedy got old fast. I do appreciate that a couple of them had been fleshed out, but I still didn’t like them that much. Only Kana and Yura were major exceptions because they held deeper connections with Rikuo.

Next up, the villains. They are simply the worst part of the show. They’re evil to the core and have a one-track mind to defeat Rikuo. Towards the end of the series, all they do is angst, spout out the cheesiest lines ever, and follow predictable patterns of behavior (such as killing their own allies). Talk about boring. These goons are just for laughs, especially when they yap their mouths off during a fight, giving their opponents plenty of time to power up. Meh.

Was this series worth it? Guess we’ll have to find out when season 2 arrives, which I plan on following.

Mimi’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)


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