Review: Shinyraku! Ika Musume

Squid Girl

Alex:A series of short skits about a squid who transformed into a human girl with squid powers.Uh…yeah. The premise doesn’t sound that appeasing, does it? Especially when you add in the fact that the Squid Girl wants to invade the world…starting with a local beach bar.

The premise is funny, yet simple. Ika Musume comes from the sea to invade the human world and ends up working full time at a bar full of eccentrics. During her job, she meets another bunch of weird yet wonderful strange people who become obsessed with her squiddy powers. Even by reading that, you can imagine that the cast is a huge one. Huge casts in a comedy normally equal a complete disaster…yet only a few of the characters here are actually unbearable. The Americans are rude and well…insulting. The obsessive girl who falls in love with Ika Musume gets horribly overdone. The rest? Well, they’re okay. Ika Musume’s the one who really shines here, though. She’s a downright adorable character.

Some of the shows funniest moments are when it just focuses on Ika Musume playing in the human world by herself. Be it going to school, using a TV or even something simple yet having an umbrella, the character herself carries these scenes and makes the puns drive home. She could probably fill another 12 episodes with her antics alone, she’s just that fresh and creative.Eiko in particular was another very strong character, purely because she was the most “normal” of them all.Having a normal character in contrast to the wacky cast is done really well, and it results in a fair amount of laughs whenever she takes centre stage for a short skit.

Its simple, yet effective, light hearted comedy. And to be honest, if thats what your looking for, you can’t go wrong with this series.

Alex’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)


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