Movie: King of Thorn

King of Thorn

Mimi: The King of Thorn is the latest scifi thriller anime film to be produced, and I really couldn’t wait to see this one. I’ve been a huge fan of horror survival stories such as “Aliens” and “Cube” for as long as I can remember; although I didn’t quite expect a masterpiece here, I did expect an exciting story that would follow along the same formula, and it is. In this film, there is a deadly disease called Medusa that is quickly spreading around, and a large group of people are selected to go into deep sleep capsules and awaken sometime in the future when a cure is available. Something goes horribly wrong of course, and the people awaken to find the place covered in thorn vines and riddled with monsters. Only a small group of people survive the initial attack, and the rest of the movie is carried on their shoulders.

The success of a horror survival story tends to rely heavily on the characters. They have to have different personalities, specialties, and over-the-top interactions to keep the film interesting. Here we have a black police officer, a criminal, a nurse, a kid, a scientist, a politician, and a twin sister who must pull through this together. None of the characters are bad and provide decent enough entertainment; as you can imagine, they get into lots arguments and constantly run into trouble. Some of them also get a little personal background check along the way so that we know a bit more about them.

Unfortunately, the plot suffers from a lot of issues. It’s easy to follow in the beginning, but as the story progresses, it becomes absolutely mind-boggling, especially when the disease is finally explained. Just when you think it couldn’t possibly get any more bizarre, it surprises you with another hard-to-grasp concept and piles explanations on you. It moves much faster in the last half, so you have to be paying close attention to every single detail to keep up with what’s going on; I had to rewind the scenes a few times myself. The surprises still make up for great entertainment, but they’re just a mess in terms of the plot.

The artwork however is gorgeous and rich in detail, and the gothic castle is a perfect setting for capturing the dark atmosphere of the story and giving it such a unique feel. But I had a serious problem with the CGI. The monsters are completely animated in CGI, and even the characters in some parts. They just don’t blend in with the background art at all. As for the soundtrack, it just rocks and makes the movie feel rather epic at times. I definitely need the opening song on my mp3 player.

Overall, The King of Thorn is a good thriller and very worthwhile to check out. It’s got plenty of horror, monsters torturing humans, and blood to go around, and the characters are diverse and always entertaining. The story might lose itself halfway, but it’s still fun and action-packed till the very end.

Mimi’s Score: 7 Meeps out of 10 (Good)


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