Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle

Hauru no Ugoku Shiro

Alex: What better way to spend an afternoon than watching my favorite Miyazaki film.
To start: Yeah, it’s actually a really cheesy love story without many huge plot twists, and the plot itself isn’t actually that complex either. It’s about a woman who got her heart stolen by a wizard named Howl, and how they eventually end up together in their own happy family.

I mean, words just don’t describe what makes a Miyazaki movie so damn good. I hold it a bit high because it was the very first anime thing I ever saw, back in my geography class of year 7, but still.

The whole film’s, well…charming. Be it the talking fireplace to the old witch, I fell in love with every character. However, as expected from a Miyazaki film you are constantly being wowed with lush landscapes and detailed scenery, and in that means that a lot of scenes are put there merely for the “isn’t that lovely” factor, which at times makes the film move a bit slowly. But that doesn’t really hamper the experience of it at all.

I mean, call me biased, but anything less  than a masterful work of entertainment would be an outright failure for a Myazaki work, and Howl’s Moving Castle is certainly not a failure. After watching it, it really does leave you  little wonder as to why Zack of ANN’s Answerman column  adopted the personality of Howl as his favorite. It’s just…that good. Yeah. I ranted a bit and didn’t make much sense.

Either way, just watch it. It’s only 2 hours of your life, and worst case is that you didn’t like it as much as other films(Spirited Away), best case is that you’ve found a new love for a charming anime film.


Mimi’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)



3 thoughts on “Movie: Howl’s Moving Castle

    • Really? :b I thought it was the complete opposite. I read a whole thingie on about how people either say its the best or the worst :b Which one did you think was his best?

  1. Hmm, good question. I really like Princess Mononoke…. But I would have to say Spirited Away was overall his best work, with Mononoke at a close second.

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