Review: El Cazador De La Burja

The Witch Hunter

Alex: Bee-Train’s style of storytelling isn’t for everyone. It’s very heavy, and sometimes, very character driven. El Cazador is storybook Bee-Train, just without the heavy and with the characters.

El Cazador is a not so average tale of two unlikely girls bound by the string of friendship and the urge to discover a dark past which haunts a strange girl with some magical powers.

Firstly, It’s incredibly beautiful and well-made. One thing that stands out are the characters. Each episode has a different short story about one scenario as they travel south. Everything from a touching lovestory to giving a helping hand to someone, and the pattern continues until the latter half of the series. With around 16-18 episodes of short stories involving Nadie and Ellis, you really start to “care” for the characters. They develop really well throughout the whole series, and they’re really…unique. They all stand alone in their different ways, and they all become strong enough to carry an episode on their own.

The plot, however, is where it falls down. Sure, it keeps you guessing as to whats going on until it finally goes together, but you reach the point where you don’t care about the plot anymore, just as long as the characters are in it, and that’s why some people call it the weakest of the “Girls with Guns” trilogy.

It comes down to this: The musical score is outstanding. The characters are outstanding. The artwork is pretty good. But are you willing to trade off amazing characters for a plot which is great, but not amazing? I am.



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