Review: Towards the Terra

Terra e…

Alex: It’s hard to use the word perfect for something. The very word itself carries so many complications, even in the most basic of scenarios. Yet, I’m going to use that word here. Towards the Terra features perfect character development and a perfect plot. Well, in fact, it’s horribly close to falling under the definition of perfect entirely. The soundtrack astounds, the visuals amaze, the story is both powerful, emotional, and well designed.

This series features who what I’d probably call the “best” protagonist and antagonist in anime which I’ve seen to this date, actually. The amount of development they both get is nothing short of utterly astounding. But okay, enough about that.

The series is an amazing sci-fi series about a sub-species of humans called the “Mu” who have psionic powers. Whilst the premise probably doesn’t actually sound that interesting, it really is, thanks to the fact that every single episode exists to pull the story along at a breakneck pace, constantly moving and evolving with it’s twists and turns as the anime takes you down the road of what equality means in itself. Whilst some of the more emotional scenes are left to the viewer to find emotional/moving, that doesn’t make it bad under any definition of the word.It probably strengthens the impact of the scenes themself.

But, actually, I think I’ll save my breath and let the fact that I used the word “perfect” to describe this anime do justice in itself. Because, this anime is so, so close to perfection its scary. (And let the fact that for once, me and Mimi agreed on a 10/10 together speak for itself, also)

Alex’s Score: 10 Meeps out of 10 (Masterpiece)

Mimi’s Score: 10 Meeps out of 10 (Masterpiece)


3 thoughts on “Review: Towards the Terra

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Terra E is just everything a good anime (or series in GENERAL) should be. *_* And Keith is one of my favorite characters ever. Hands down.

  2. I will never regret watching this anime. One of the BEST! I completely agree with the review. The best character development and original story line. A short anime only 25 eps, but each second of the anime is used to its fullest! The emotions are conveyed to strongly you’ll find yourself laughing, smiling, – loving and appreciating every moment. A RARE GEM in anime history. You’ll find yourself asking why you didn’t notice it sooner.
    Terra e… = 10/10

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