Wandering Son Episode 8

Spring ~Brand new me~

Summary: Nitori, Anna, Chiba, and Takatsuki hang out together.

Mimi: A whole new semester begins, and everyone has changed just a little bit. For one thing, Takatsuki has grown her hair longer and is wearing a tie, and she seems to be on friendlier terms with Chiba. Furthermore, Chiba is no longer upset, but things aren’t feeling quite the same around Nitori anymore. In fact, it appears that Chiba and Takatsuki are just trying to accept the way things are and move on with their lives. Chiba even comments that Anna and Nitori are a good match. The tension is definitely starting to wear off with a peaceful conclusion drawing ever so closer.

I’m loving the character development and the way things are going, but I can’t say that I’m strongly rooting for Anna and Nitori. Anna’s feelings are questionable, and Nitori is just too young to be taken seriously. Even Matoko expresses serious doubts about their relationship, and I’m thinking along the same lines. At this point, they’re still just friends, and Nitori has a lot things to figure out for himself. I think his attachment to Anna is very cute though. One other really interesting thing happens in this episode, and that is Nitori’s encounter with an old classmate who used to be pretty mean to him. Apparently, he’s a lot nicer now, but I wonder if this series will take one more stab at drama or not.

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