Review: Bartender


Alex: I’m actually kinda partial to a good drink. Only on special occasions, mind you, but I can appreciate the taste of a good drink on Christmas Eve, per say. Bartender is about that. There’s a bar manned by a famous barkeep, and customers go there to drink and take their minds off the problems they face. Yep, it’s another episodic series, but man, it’s an original one.

Firstly, the method of storytelling. The narration is brilliant, but then the fact that it takes the time to analyze the problems the people have, and look really in-depth to the whole situation surrounding them.It almost runs like a play, if i’m honest. The way different people from the story step in and step out to help tell the story is well. Brilliant, if i’m honest.

Secondly, the originality used here. No two stories are similar, and they’re actually nothing like anything you’d expect from a story about alcoholic drinks. Without ruining anything, you have ones about fatigue, ones about love to ones about Christmas.

Finally, the passion. You can tell from watching this that it’s been done by somebody who seriously loves a good drink, and that can go a very long way in these cases.

Yeah, I’m not very good at padding out my reviews, but i’m working on that. Slowly.



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