Review: Toaru Majutsu no Index II

A Certain Magical Index 2

Alex: I wanna rename this. A Certain Magical Failure. Because to be honest, you needed magic to screw this up. Index 1 was average. Railgun was great. Index 2? It’s below average and dangerously close to utterly pointless.

Whilst we’re renaming it, why is Index’s name even in the title? I’d go with…A Certain Worse Male Lead Ever and His Magical Right Hand. Is that too long? I won’t beat around the bush. Touma IS the worst male lead to grace Anime. He doesn’t develop. He doesn’t even think about problems. He’s perverted. And whenever a problem arises, he just punches it. Forget all about your development and your evil badguys, because Touma can defeat them all with ONE PUNCH!!!

Thats really how bad it is.

I wanna ask J.C Staff this. Why bother? Why go out of your way and waste budget on an anime which won’t be understood or appeal to anyone who isn’t an Index fan and haven’t read the novels. If you didn’t read the Index novels, this is just a waste of your time, which is probably why im frowning upon it so much. With a series that has so much potential to take Magic and Science to war, it sits and wastes its time with Touma’s harem and his stupid right hand which can defeat anything no matter how evil it is.

I wouldn’t bother with this. Don’t waste your time: take it from me. Only watch if your a diehard Index fan or you’ve read the light novels. Or both.

Alex’s Score: 4 Meeps out of 10 (Bad)


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