Review: Bakuman


Mimi: Two high school boys want to become successful mangaka, even if it means getting no sleep, letting their school grades drop, and isolating themselves in a studio all summer. They’re bright, passionate, and more mature than your average kids. Bakuman is a pleasure watch, if not at times suspenseful. Just to clear something up quickly—you might notice that I dropped Bakuman from the blog a few months ago, but that wasn’t because I disliked it. College got busy around that time, and it was too time consuming to blog. I still continued to watch and enjoy Bakuman on my own time!

As I said in my first post, I’m not too keen on anime that are about anime and manga. I’ve been exposed to a little bit of Genshiken and other shows that make references to anime, but I usually find parodies a tad bit boring. So I approached Bakuman with caution, not expecting anything exceptional. But boy was I surprised. Bakuman delighted me almost immediately, as it takes a serious, technical approach to the manga-creating processes. For example, we learn about what it takes to get serialized, the responsibilities of the editor and assistant, different ink pens and their effects on paper, screen tones, names, and how to just come up with a decent story idea. The two male leads, Mashiro and Takagi, are instantly likeable and make a great pair, and it’s easy to identify with their feelings as they experience the many ups and downs to reaching their dream.

The one thing I was a little worried about was the love story at the beginning. Mashiro falls for a cute girl named Miho, and they’re determined to marry after he gets his manga adapted into an anime and she becomes a voice actress. It starts off rather ridiculous, as the two refuse to talk to each other in person, yet dream about each other daily. I just didn’t want their awkward romance to take the focus away from the manga aspect. Thankfully, the love story gets buried into background during the last half when Mashiro and Takagi prepare to enter competitions, such as getting into Shounen Jack. Plus, many new characters are later introduced to keep the series interesting and upbeat.

Bakuman is a very solid show throughout, and the sequel can only get better, so I can’t wait for that this Fall (arg what a long wait T_T). By then, I should be a hikkikomori or something, so I’ll have enough time to blog the second season! Eh, well, hopefully I won’t be that much of a recluse after I graduate from college, but anywayz…I’m going to go read more manga now~ =D

Alex: I didn’t enjoy Bakuman for all the reasons Mimi suggested. I just enjoyed it because it’s a really solid and serious series about two passionate guys getting the girls and reaching their dreams.

Mimi’s Score: 8 Meeps out of 10 (Very Good)



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