Review: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu ~Matsuri~

The Idiot, the Tests, and the Summoned Creatures ~Festival~

Alex: I was actually caught off guard here. Baka to Test S1 was well…wasted. I mean, step back and think about how good this setting could be. A high school where people duke it out with summoned monsters which are based on how highly the score. When you take the amazingly high production values into account, surely you can’t go wrong? S1 failed in the way that it ignored its theme until the very end, and focused on some horrible cliche’s which aren’t even worth remembering. So when S2 came along and used the theme to it’s fullest, I was really surprised and actually entertained by it.

This is the shortest review I’ve ever written, and the shortest review I’ll ever write, because I don’t have much positive stuff to say about the Baka To Test franchise so far. This OVA was well, a perfect example of how to bridge the gap between seasons and keep people in anticipation about the coming season. All it needs to do is drop some of the lame, overused jokes (The marriage obsessed girl and the sister were done WAY too much in this) and it runs a decent chance of being a comedy worth watching.



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