Review: Yumekui Merry

Dreameater Merry

Alex: Merry had one of the better first episodes of this season, actually. However, the more time went on, the more things became worse for Merry. It became clear that it was going to end up rushing it’s story, and leaving it feeling pretty sup-par.

It’s a pretty simple story: Merry, who’s from the dream world, sends dream demons back to their world to stop them from haunting people in this world. There, she meets Yumeji, a person with the power to tell what dreams you’ll have tonight. From there, they team up to send back every dream demon and find a way for Merry to get back to her world.

As the story goes on, more and more complicated and long names get thrown into the plot, and you slowly find out more and more about Merry: It turns out that she’s been sending demons back for a very long time. The story actually ends up revolving around Merry’s sense of justice and what she believes to be right or wrong, which is a really unique twist on the whole “typical” adventure story.

The graphics are nothing short of an artistic masterpiece, and the characters are really strong. Yumeji is one of the better male leads around, and when you team him up with Merry, you get a dynamic and strong lead couple. So you find yourself asking the question: Where did it all go wrong?

I think it went wrong the moment they revealed that it would be 13 episodes. Merry NEEDS at least 22 episodes to tell this story properly. It doesn’t feel rushed, but it feels incomplete. Horribly incomplete. Especially the final parts, you get a sense of lost potential and that people almost gave up trying on it.

And that’s just a shame. Because Merry oozed potential from Episode 1. If anything, Merry is the shining example of the modern industry: Stories aren’t getting the time they need to fully tell the tale they have set up.

Mimi: I ended up dropping Yumekui Merry at episode seven. The anime isn’t necessarily bad; I agree that Yumeji and Merry are likeable characters, and that the art is simply outstanding. I also love the concept that people’s dreams are actually other dimensions, and dream demons are trying to cross over into the human world by using humans as vessels.

But aside from a few interesting dark moments, the episodic nature of the series is far from fascinating. So Merry craves donuts, she goes grocery shopping, has fun at the beach, and defeats a dream demon of the week, all while slowly warming up to Yumeji. That’s sweet and all, but what a bore fest! The part where I left off was just getting good, you might say, but there’s only like what, 6 episodes left? How is developing the plot in 6 episodes going to feel satisfying? What’s the point in watching any more? And so Alex tells it like it really is…

Alex’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)

Dusk’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)


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