Review: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Alex: So yeah, as you all know, Mimi’s graduating, so less time = no time to write this review. Which means the burden falls onto the always reliable partner ^.^. Anyway, since we both have the same opinions on this brilliant show, there shouldn’t be a problem. And i’ll just bold this. I WILL BE DISCUSSING SPOILERS. DO NOT READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE SPOILED.

Mahou Madoka (for short) is simple in premise. It’s a magical girl anime about people who hunt evil witches to protect the population. That’s what it appears like on the surface. But it’s so much more than that it’s hard to describe, so i’ll start with the visuals and the sound. If you couldn’t guess from the screenshots, it’s done by SHAFT. That means trippy visuals, and they go so well with the dark, unique undertone of this series. The musical score…well, me and Mimi both have the 6 tracks currently out on our iPods, it’s just that good. It’s well…a masterpiece on its own, and it’s coupled with this amazing series. The OP and the ED are also wonderfully done, and one could actually think of them from viewpoints of a character, because the lyrics…well, the lyrics fit so well into the show it’s almost like the creators wrote the song.

The show itself focuses on 5 girls and one “magical pet”, as you’d expect from almost any magical girl anime. I remember seeing a funny youtube video about the girls of Mahou Madoka, and how accurate the descriptions are. Mami got ahead in life, Sayaka needs a shrink, Madoka needs some self esteem, Kyoko eats to escape her troubles, and Homura is plain weird and needs a boyfriend. Badly.
It may be slightly rude of me to completly agree with everything there, but…well, yeah. The characters start of charming, yet slowly descend through the madness created by Incubator, and turn out utterly insane, even going to the point where one of them commits suicide to make sure another doesn’t feel alone anymore. It’s hard NOT to get attached to the 5 girls, if i’m honest.

If it isn’t clear by now, Mahou Madoka isn’t any other show.It’s a breakdown of the Mahou Shoujo genre, and a scary, dark look at what it means to be a magical girl.Yet, where I think this anime really puts itself above anything else on the market is the storytelling. It’s dark, haunting, gripping, and always keeps you guessing. For the first 9 episodes, I was always making theories in my head about Homura, and when her past got shown and everything slots into place, suddenly the whole series was turned on its head. This is one of those series where you can actually turn the whole thing around, yet keep a perfectly sensible storyline going. That said, the whole “alternate time lines” route is a very dangerous route for any anime to go down, so i’m not expecting everyone to agree with me on this point. It may be sheer coincidence that me and Mimi both liked it, or it may be that the storytelling hinted towards it the whole way.

Mahou Madoka is one of those “You gotta see it to believe it” shows. With jaw dropping action scenes, luscious visuals, the best villain to ever grace anime and one hell of a storyline, everyone needs to try this show.( ◕‿‿◕ )

Alex’s Score: 10 Meeps out of 10 (Masterpiece)

Mimi’s Score: 10 Meeps out of 10 (Masterpiece)

Dusk’s Score: 10 Meeps out of 10 (Masterpiece)


5 thoughts on “Review: Mahou Shoujo Madoka★Magica

  1. Do you know where I can find those 6 tracks? Is one of them the music that plays when Mami transforms?

    Your review was spot-on! I actually cried at the ending because it was so great and nothing I ever expected!

  2. Just gonna say I think this is Alex’s best review yet, and I completely agree with everything. x3 I really couldn’t have said it better. Spot on indeed! And you know, it’s a pretty rare occurrence for both of us to rate something a masterpiece…especially a new series. Madoka Magica is just that brilliant.

    I wish that the ending could have had an emotional pull on me (maybe it’s getting harder for me to cry at stuff), but nevertheless, I’ll have great memories of this series…being blown away by every episode.. xD

  3. Firechick, yush. There is some debate over if they’re the real tracks or not, but they sound pretty genuine to me.

    And thank you :b There’s nothing which makes you feel good like hearing that your spot on.
    (and I cried too. Homura x Madoka forever and ever)

    • Ummm…it seems fileserve isn’t cooperating with me. >_< Can you upload it on something like MegaUpload or MediaFire? Sorry for the trouble.

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