Ao no Exorcist Episode 2

Gehenna’s Gate

Mimi: No surprises here: Rin gets angsty because Father Fujimoto never told him about his true nature until now; Fujimoto becomes possessed by Satan and ultimately dies; Rin awakens his amazing powers; Rin has flashbacks of his beautiful father/son relationship with Fujimoto…and he screams a lot. This is pretty much your standard shounen anime formula. And yet, why did I enjoy it so much? Sure, it was extremely predictable right down to the slap across Rin’s face, but I wasn’t really bored per say. Other than coming out very strong in the animation and music department, Ao no Exorcist does tell its story well; there are no glaring flaws that chase me away or anything, and it’s consistent in every department so far. Rin is also a likeable male lead–nothing like the moron I thought he’d be judging from the cover art. I’m also curious to see how Yukio will react to everything… I think I’ll just move right along to the next episode.


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