Ao no Exorcist Episode 5

Child of the Cursed Temple

Mimi: Well, it looks like Ao no Exorcist is going to have a string of average/filler episodes before it gets better. I know, I know, it’s shounen, what’d you expect? But I was hoping that the character development episodes, and the classroom scenes, were going to be more interesting than what they have been lately. Particularly Rin got a little annoying this time, as he just slacked off with his studies and became hot-headed with that punk in class, Ryuji. It was just so…~yawn~ This episode mainly served to flesh out Ryuji’s background, and I woulda preferred to have just read about it on his character page than to sit through his bickering with Rin (or next time, I’ll just skip around). The next episode is going to be all about cooking, which is also tempting to skip over. Give me back my cool Yukio and the awesome action~ D: Ahh patience…


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