GOSICK Episode 19

The Rose Coloured Life is Buried Under Fresh Snow

Alex:I loooove the very subtle comparison between Victorique and Christ at the beginning.

But this impressed me. They’re tying all the little stories into each other here, even the meaningless arcs which went on for too long.That said, this episode wasn’t for the faint hearted. It may be Christmas, but that doesn’t mean it’s a jolly happy episode.
We finally get Cordellia’s backstory in this episode, just before the finale, and the tale of what happened with her and the Marquois at the end of her dance performance. Her blood-curdling screams throughout this episode was enough to chill me right to my bones in this episode, and the implied rape and pregnancy were just…yeah.

That part at the end was done really well, too. I must have that OST Track for my collection…the way they tied the prophecy, the winter, the Christmas Present and a brilliant piece of music together to create a huge chunk of atmosphere made me really feel for Kujo. He needs a lot of work, but he’s turning into a likeable character. Finally..>_>


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