Review: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

Alex: I know it’s Mimi’s job to review the noitaminA series, but I couldn’t help myself with this one. In my opinion, this is the best anime to come out of that timeslot, and it’s emotional power is even stronger than gems such as Clannad After Story. It also boasts my self proclaimed title of “Most Realistic Anime”

As you can guess from what is probably the most creative title ever, Tokyo has been hit by an 8.0 Earthquake. It’s ironic, because just two months ago, Japan was hit by an earthquake measuring 9.0. You can see how devastating that was on Wiki. The aftershocks were nothing to scoff at, either. When you compare the two of them, this anime suddenly seems very, very real, and very scary.

Mirai is a girl who has given up on life. Everything about it is boring, and she’s constantly got to babysit her little brother because her parents are never around. When the two of them go out to a robot convention, the earthquake hits Tokyo, stranding them. Along the way, they meet Mari, a delivery woman. This is the story of these people struggling to get back to their homes.

The thing which shakes you, and I mean, really shakes you, is how realistic it is. The ending may be something that can only happen to a young child, but it does really happen. Nothing felt forced. And nothing felt like it was a waste of the small amount of 11 episodes it was given.Every single person they walk past has a story behind them, and it really helps to prove that Japan is one of those countries where everyone helps everyone.

If you want something realistic, something apocalyptic, or even something which can make you appreciate how precious the peaceful and quiet mornings you have when you wake up, this is the anime to watch.Nothing else can come close to it in that regard. It’s just a shame that it’s over by the time the powerful emotions have hit you, and it doesn’t carry them.

Alex’s Score: 9.5 Meeps out of 10 (Great)

Mimi’s Score: 9 Meeps out of 10 (Great)


2 thoughts on “Review: Tokyo Magnitude 8.0

  1. You pretty much said everything I wanted to about this series. It’s in my top 5 favorite anime! And want to know something? This anime was actually created on the scenario that an earthquake will hit Japan in the next 30 years. But…well…that earthquake came 28 years TOO EARLY. Hard to believe this was made in 2009. I wish FUNimation would license it, dub it, and have Brittney Karbowski as Mirai already!!

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