Review: Fireball

Disney’s Fireball

Alex: Lasting 20 minutes, Fireball is a CG containing 13 episodes of a robot and her guardian. Each episode is dedicated to a joke about the two of them. The story? It doesn’t really exist. If you must know, it takes place in the middle of a war between humans and robots, but it doesn’t actually play a major part in any of the jokes the anime throws at you.

I’ll be blunt, since there isn’t much to say about this series. It’s all in the amazing voice actors. They know how to carry a punchline, how to deliver a joke, and how to use even the slightest of changes in their voice to help things flow. When combined with the huge budget Disney’s thrown at the CG, it flows brilliantly and makes the whole experience ten times better.

With 13 episodes, 13 laughs and chuckles later, I can safely say that Fireball is for those among you who have a slightly kiddy sense of humor, as in, you havn’t grown up 100% yet. Then again, who can ever grow out of Walt Disney~:b Fireball will never be a classic, but it’s hilarious, and easily worth the 20 minutes of your life it’ll take from you.




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