GOSICK Episode 20

Led by the Phantom of the Phantom

Alex: This final arc thankfully isn’t about this Coco Rose crap, it’s just using it for the background.I mean, sorry, but I already solved it, and judging from what Victorique is going to do next episode, i’m right on the mark.Add a little bit of common sense and look at the obvious: A strange agency was looking for an exact clone of somebody. She died. Dig her up, and i’ll bet dollars to donuts that there’s nobody there. The clone was just a body and a head they could use to make it look like a mysterious, impossible death, and that explains how the clone was seen after she died and why she disappeared the moment she was hired. Unless Gosick’s pulling one of those famous “You can’t figure this out without Clue X, which you can’t have until Victorique solves the case” moments.

One important thing happened this episode: Two Brian’s appeared, and one of them had some “occult” power. It was pretty much as you expected, Victorique is being forced to solve the riddle, Kujo tries to do something, but gets saved from Brian Roscoe, whilst Cordelia just watches from a distance. It’s building up to something big, but I don’t think I can trust this series to deliver.

Granted, this was the best episode of buildup yet, and all the flaws of the show have disappeared, but based on the last 20 episodes, this show isn’t very good at climaxes and finales and delivering the result of an interesting mystery. With 4 episodes left, the stage is set – will Gosick put on a play worth watching?

One thought on “GOSICK Episode 20

  1. Gosick…..this was a really good episode i was really impressed compared to previous episodes…only if they were all like this….

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