Movie: Break Blade 5: Shisen no Hate

Break Blade 5

Mimi: Whatever shred of hope I had for the characters and the plot to kick it up a notch, or to be anything worth remembering, was just flushed down the toilet. All that matters now is the action (naw really?), but I’ll briefly talk about what happens in this movie anyway. Basically, Athens attacks Rygart’s hometown, which drives him mad enough to go their alone and fight Borcuse. The rest of the film is just a rescue mission to save Rygart, and once he’s rescued, he wastes precious time fighting Girge, who ends up sacrificing his life to save Rygart. The end.

The only thing that surprises me in this entire movie series is how small Zess’ role has become. He was only in one scene in the last movie, and in a small flashback in this one. I suppose that eliminates the best friend/enemy cliché because the war doesn’t wire down to Zess vs. Rygart like I thought it would. However, it does seem pointless for Sigyn to still be talking about her past with Zess and Hodr if they’re just going to be useless, forgettable (and nearly nonexistent) characters in the end. Who cares about their good ‘ol days and relationships now? And it’s a bit too late for them to get any better with only one film left…

The battles are still highly entertaining as ever, especially Rygart vs. Borcuse, but I’m not expecting anything beyond that for the final movie. No plot twist, no memorable characters, nothing special, just…plenty of action and doom for everyone.

Mimi’s Score: 6 Meeps out of 10 (Fine)



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