Gaming Review: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!

You know, if had two TV screens, and ran Mario Kart: DD and Mario Kart Wii at the same time on a different TV, i’d think that Mario Kart Wii was the Gamecube version. As strange as it sounds, Double Dash has a huge lead on the Wii version in everything apart from one feature.

First. When you think “Wii”, you think “we”. As in “us”. As in together. Like, two people. So am I missing something..? Why does the Gamecube have the duel racer feature? Regardless, the duel racer feature is done brilliantly. There aren’t any hidden character stats or any of that nonsense, either. You can safely pair up your two favorite characters and let them trash the racecourse in style.

In fact, this goes back to the good old days of the main reason for picking characters is their weight. The only extra feature here is special items. Character specific special items, which Nintendo cut from MKW for some reason. These compliment the regular items, and are upgrades (in some cases) of regular items, like the Bowser Shell or the Large Banana, or are completely new items, like the Hearts or the Fireballs. Despite how crazy this will make the race sound, the items are actually…perfectly balanced. They compliment the character perfectly, and the positions they appear in are sorted. And to make it even better, item rape has been fixed. (Or should I say didn’t appear?). I played 38 races, and 1 Blue Shell and 5 Lightning’s were used throughout. When you compare that to Mario Kart Wii, you’d get over 9000 Blue Shells or any of that nonsense internet people use nowdays.

Point is. The items are a huge step above the Mario Kart Wii ones, as well are the characters. And we all know how the MKW items work, and how annoying they can be. Secondly. The characters are a huge step up. You won’t see people using Funky Kong or Daisy because they’ve got that extra stat point. You’ll see people using their favorite characters or characters with the best items, which is the reason you should select characters for in the first place.

The tracks themselves have superior graphics. Not superior as in more advanced, but more Nintendo. The graphics ooze charm and delight as you journey down all of them, and you find yourself looking at the unique, Mario-like backgrounds and scenery, in contrast to the more realistic graphics on the Wii.

I’m making this game sound like it’s the best thing since sliced bread. It’s probably the best game in the Mario Kart franchise, in my opinion. Everything is SO much more fun, be it teaming up with a friend, enhanced battle modes, or just tearing up the track on the All-Cup-Tour. If this had Wifi, i’d never look at Mario Kart Wii again. Wifi is essentially MKW’s redeeming feature, and the reason and explanation why that game isn’t overshadowed completely by one of the finest games to grace Nintendo’s previous home console.


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